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      Study in Central China Normal University About Central China Normal University & Study in ccnu

      About Central China Normal University

      Central China Normal University (CCNU) was founded in 1903 and changed her name to CCNU in 1985. It is a comprehensive and prestigious university on the list of the “National 211 Priority Project”. Located in Wuhan, a major hub of transportation, it has a campus on Guizi Mountain, a hill bordering the East Lake and the South Lake.

      Now, CCNU comprises 25 schools and departments, more than 60 research institutes (centers) , and offers 59 bachelor’s programs, and 94 doctoral programs and 184 master’s programs. CCNU also recruits international students. At present the university has a student body of over 30,000, of whom 8000 are postgraduates; more than 2700 are international students.

      Central China Normal University commenced to accept international students who were among the first group of overseas students enrolled by Chinese universities. It has been appointed by National Government to accept international students with Government Scholarship. Meanwhile, it is one of the earliest state-level “Chinese Language Teaching Bases”, which was ratified by the State Council.

      CCNU has set up exchangeable relations and carried out widely academic interchange and scientific research cooperation with more than 100 universities, which belong to over 70 countries, such as America, German, Japan, Russia, France, New Zeeland, Australia, Korea, Vietnam and so on. The university has begun to enroll overseas students in 1965. At present, we have 2700 overseas students from more than 100 countries for long-term study or for pursuing degrees. We warmly welcome students all over the world to join our international family!

      99% students choose us. Thanks for your visiting, welcome! Apply Now